Two Women Who Met As Ferguson Protesters Get Married

Alexis Templeton and Brittany Ferrell first met while demonstrating in Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of unarmed Michael Brown and a grand jury's subsequent decision to not indict the police officer who shot him.

The two activists were married Tuesday at St. Louis City Hall — months after meeting while demonstrating in Ferguson.

They just said YES. @MusicOverPeople and @bdoulaoblongata. Love and protest. #Ferguson

Both Templeton and Ferrell are prominently involved in Millenial Activists United, a youth-led organization that focuses on "educating and empowering" communities.

They were also both active in the months of protesting following the death of Michael Brown in August.

SO much work to be done here. Proud that #Ferguson ignited a nation, however, the work HERE is not done. So I will be HERE.

freedom to LOVE. freedom to LIVE. #ALLBlackLivesMatter

Tomorrow morning I am testifying in federal court against the STL police departments.

The couple shared their wedding news via their Twitter accounts:

Today, in the middle of the revolution, the most amazing woman I have ever met is going to marry me.

I cordially invite you all to be there at 2 pm to say fuck the system with me. As I vow to commit the rest of my life to the woman I love.

A few close friends were in attendance, as well as St. Louis City Counselor Winston Calvert.

Alexis (@MusicOverPeople) and the STL City Attorney Winson (@wcalvert) meet. Revolutionary love. #Ferguson

And @wcalvert, the STL City Attorney, is here supporting the marriage. Love wins. #Ferguson

The staff at the marriage license office are absolutely amazing. STL City Hall. #Ferguson

Images of the ring, ceremony, and celebration were also shared over Twitter.

(A little late) She said yes 😍😍

Waiting for the ladies at City Hall. Put a ring on it! @MusicOverPeople @refinedSMARTS @bdoulaoblongata

Y'all, this is revolutionary love. @MusicOverPeople and @bdoulaoblongata. #Ferguson

Rings. Wedding. @MusicOverPeople and @bdoulaoblongata. Revolutionary love. #Ferguson

Marriage equality celebration in City Hall today as @MusicOverPeople and @bdoulaoblongata get licenses.

I'm so happy. This is amazing.

130 days ago. The proposal. Alexis. Brittany. #ferguson

They just said "YES!" Revolutionary love. #ferguson

aye, @MusicOverPeople said yes. I'm so happy ^_^

I am over here looking in my mentions about to be in tears. You all are SO amazing. Thank you for the love & support. It means the world.

My mentions are beautiful. Thank you for y'all's love and support. I'm so happy.

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