This Is What LGBT People Are Saying In The Wake Of The Orlando Shooting

Many people took to social media to express their shock and grief, after a gunman opened fire at a Florida gay club, killing 50 people.

In the wake of the deadly shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning, members of the LGBT community took to social media to express feelings of hope, anxiety, anger, and love.

My parents stormed into my room this morning, panicking, praying to find me safe in my bed I work in Orlando I am gay And for now, I am safe

Ill never hide who i am. Because being gay has made me stronger than anything else possibly could. Being gay has turned me into a fighter.

1 year apart and 2 very different reasons my mom has cried with me as a gay man. I am heartbroken this pride month 💔

50 people dead. As a gay woman and resident of Orlando, I feel so sick. So scared. So furious. Something desperately needs to change.

As a member of the gay community and a human being I am completely stunned, disgusted and saddened #PrayForOrlando

I'm gay and Muslim. I want to tell the Muslim community the Islamophobia being spewed now doesn't reflect my values as a gay man. #Orlando

As June is recognized as Pride month, many people shared reasons why they are proud to be openly who they are, while others stressed how crucial Pride still is to the community:

I'm proud to be gay, but it's moments like these that make me fearful to be who I am because it just shows there is still hatred out there

Orlando is WHY I am publicly trans. Without open visibility there won't be acceptance. Without acceptance, there will be violence.

this is a perfect example of how coming out, going to gay prides and just existing as a gay person in society is still an act of bravery

I haven't openly tweeted this but I am proud to be gay & I hope to someday wake up in a world where this part of me doesn't affect my safety

It's easy to forget it's still an act of bravery to get up and be yourself and proud each day. The world has lost some light today.

Such tragedy does not waver my pride. I am gay and I am proud. My heart goes out to the victims of this horrible incident😥 #Pulse

Orlando reminds us why even those of us disillusioned by the corporatization of gay #pride still insist on commemorating what we fought for.

Some expressed their anxiety in the wake of the violence:

As proud & open as I am about being gay, I'd be lying if I said something like Orlando happening isn't in the back of my mind every Pride

I am black and I am gay and I am woman. I am reminded of my mortality everyday. I have yet to invincible, I don't think I ever will.

People wonder why my wife and I don't always hold hands in public, why we don't kiss in public. Being gay, loving each other can be deadly.

I am a woman. I am black. I am queer. I am not safe. Anywhere.

And others vented their frustrations over the fact that gay men are still restricted when it comes to donating blood:

I wish I could donate blood - but as a gay man, my blood is still "deferred" - so infuriating. #PrayersForOrlando

What's infuriating as a gay man watching 50 people killed from your community is that I can't donate blood due to law. #PrayForOrlando #LGBT

Celebrities in the LGBT community also shared messages of hope and love:

Deeply moved that in the face of tragedy Orlando & Americans everywhere are coming together to give blood, love & support.This is who we are

Waking up to the news of the mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando. I'm so sick, sad, scared and angry. I'm praying for victims' families.

If this was indeed a hate crime, lawmakers issuing thoughts & prayers must also think about their statements & policy toward LGBT Americans.

I'm terrified for my kid to grow up in this world

This attack has come during our celebration of Pride. Now more than ever we must stand together and say #LoveConquersHate.

I'm terrified for my kid to grow up in this world

My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Our community has suffered a tremendous loss. We must stand together more than ever.

Devastated for our friends and family in the queer community. Our hearts, our anger, our tears are for you today.

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