People Are Getting Emotional Over This Amazon Review For A Pair Of Rainbow Suspenders

"This is honestly just so pure."

A review on Amazon for a pair of rainbow suspenders is blowing up on Tumblr after one user shared a screenshot of it, adding the caption "This is honestly so pure."

The post has now been reblogged over 30,000 times.

"I came across the review after my girlfriend showed it to me. We both thought it was super adorable," Tumblr user fangirlingoverdemigods told BuzzFeed News. "It made my day and I thought it could make other people's days too."

The five-star review posted by Amazon user blueyes was titled "Gay Pride suspenders are great." The nearly 70-year-old reviewer wrote that they wore the suspenders for Pride with a white suit and purple shirt.

The review caught people completely off guard and made many emotional.

The Amazon reviewer's words, so pure and lovely, left people truly touched.

Who knew one Amazon review could completely restore your faith in humanity?

*Sobs into mac 'n' cheese*

As if this wasn't tear-inducing enough, it seems this user has posted other reviews on Amazon that are just as beautiful.

Like this one, in which they bought headphones for a co-worker whose pair had broken. "It makes me happy to make someone else happy," they wrote.

Bless you, Amazon user blueyes, for making all our lives just a bit more beautiful.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the Amazon user for comment.