Fans Have A Whole Lotta Feelings About The New OITNB Characters

Hello Carol, hello Barb, and helllloooo Daddy!

If you’re here, you probably spent the last couple days binging Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black. Welcome. You’re among friends here.

And, in typical OITNB fashion, you’re probably looking to process some feelings.

Just finished #OITNB Season 6.... smdh

SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers ahead, and this is alerting you of that fact.

#oitnb spoilers but i give you no context

Season 6 brought the series to a new locale: a maximum security facility instead of familiar old Litchfield, which meant a slew of new faces.

First up, there is Young Carol (played by Ashley Jordyn) — she loves candy and murder and you’ll love her for it.

Is it weird I’m in love with the new psycho lady on OITNB. She loves candy and murder and I love her.

No, like, people really love her...

I’m not saying that if young carol wants to throw me into cold water until i freeze i would let her but that’s exactly what i am sayin’ #OITNB a bit of a twisted way.

young carol would probably paint her wall with my insides and you know what? id let her

Love is complicated.

And then there is her sister, Barbara (Mackenzie Phillips). She’s...well yea, she’s really something as well.

Fans are applauding the spot-on casting of Young Carol/Barbara alongside their present-day counterparts.

perhaps the most iconic casting ever? #OITNB

I mean, yeah, someone on casting deserves a raise.

My favorite photo on the internet right now @OITNB #oitnb #OITNB6 #CAROL

And everyone is here for a spinoff series featuring the deadly duo.

Just finished the new #OITNB season @OITNB 👏YOUNG 👏BARB 👏 AND 👏 CAROL 👏 NEED 👏 THEIR 👏 OWN 👏 SHOW 👏 PLEASE👏

I would watch an entire show about these two #OITNB

i need an oitnb prequel with young carol and barb on trial for their sister’s murder!

And finally, enter Daddy. Just, Daddy. No other names required.

And everyone’s got feelings about Daddy.

i’m: ⚪️ heterosexual ⚪️ homosexual ⚪️ bisexual 🔘 daddy's "that's a good girl" #OITNB

Like, ~those~ types of feelings.

You get the idea.

For better or worse, Daddy is reminding a lot of fans of Ruby Rose’s “Stella” character on the series.

I never got the Stella hype, but Daddy on the other hand............. ☺️😍 #OITNB

Season 6 = “Daddy Is the New @RubyRose” #OITNB

*Sips tea*

Oh, and Daddy, or rather the actor who plays Daddy, Vicci Martinez, is dating another OITNB costar IRL.

So whether you’re team Daddy, Team Carol, or Team’re probably going to have to rewatch Season 6 all over again.

Young Carol is a real Daddy #OITNB

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