27 British People Pay Tribute To Their Relatives Who Died During World War I

This is how the British public are remembering the fallen soldiers of the First World War.

Today is Remembrance Sunday and the public is commemmorating the deaths of the 888,246 British and Colonial soldiers who lost their lives fighting for Britain in the FIrst World War.

The Queen and politicians, including the prime minister, will today lay wreaths at the Cenotaph, the monument in London to remember Britain's fallen soldiers. And thousands of members of the British public are expected to visit the Tower of London, where artist Paul Cummins has created an installation of ceramic poppies.

1. Thousands of people are also remembering Britain's soldiers – and their family members – online, through a variety of messages. Here are some of them:

Wearing my poppy with pride- great,great uncle Frederick Allen, who lied about his age to join up Died in France ww1


Thinking of my great-great-grandfather who died at the Somme. My gran who should have known him knew him only from photos. War is a horror.


Remembering my Great Uncle, who died aged just 19 in WW2, and my Great Grandfather who was severely shell shocked after WW1 #Remembrance


Huge turn out for Keighley Cenotaph Service. Remembering my Great Uncle James Bliss died 1918 aged 19.


One of the 888,246 poppies at the tower represents Harry Nightingale who died at the age of 23 in ww1 #LestWeForget


Today I remember my Great Uncle Walter, who fought and died at the battle of Jutland in WW1 he was 16 years old. #RemberanceSunday


I remember my Great - Great Grandfather today who served in World War 1. May all those who died never be forgotten. #RemembranceSunday


Today I am remembering my great grandfather (Somme) and my paternal grandfather (Gallipoli) who both served with Duke of Cornwall's LI x


Remembering amongst all the brave, my great Uncle Rees. Kelly Xx


I also remember my Great grandfather George Henry, who although survived the Great War, later succumbed to his injuries from being Gassed.


This little chap was my great great uncle, killed in The Battle of the Somme #RemembranceSunday #WeWillRememberThem


Important do not forget those who made up British forces overseas. My great grandfather fought with 1m others as part of British Indian Army


My great-grandfather George William Russell Sanders before heading to the Somme. #remembranceday #!


My great grandfather died in the1st world war, I never met him but his wife Great granny Peggy lived until 93 as his widower 💔#lestweforget


Thinking of my great grandfather today who gave his life in the battle of the Somme a brave man I admire greatly #LestWeForget


#RememberanceSunday this George Parr my great grandfather. He died on the first day at the Battle Of The Somme.


My Great Grandfather, Arthur Thompson, who died in the Somme on 13/11/1916 #LestWeForget 🌺


Thinking of my great-great-grandfather who died at the Somme. My gran who should have known him knew him only from photos. War is a horror.


R.I.P. Great Uncle George and the other brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could live safely today #LestWeForget


Remembering my beloved Grandpa WW2,Great Great uncle Stanley WW1 & all those that gave so much #LestWeForget #RemembranceSunday


I will never forget the sacrifices made by those before us including my grandad & great uncle in wars past #iwillalwaysremember


RIP & Thanks RT @rachelkennedy84: Remembering my great uncle, padre Fr Bernard Benson, who died at Oosterbeek, Arnhem


My great uncle was only 19 when he died just 7 months before the end of #WWI in April 1918 #LestWeForget #RemembranceSunday


Thinking of my Grand Uncle Private Michael Healy who died in Ypes from mustard gas in the great war, my he rest in peace with his comrades


Remembering my Great Uncle Norman who gave his life in #WW1 and all others who have bravely fought for us #LestWeForget #WeWillRememberThem


R.i.p great uncle jeff who died at 19 in world war two, pop pop is so proud of you xxxx


@poppypride1 My Great Great Uncle Richard Devonshire died in action at Flanders 1916 aged 18. For him & others, I wear my #poppy with pride

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