"Witch Hunter" To Sue For £500m In Libel Dispute Over Vampiric Witchcraft And Satan

Self-styled "Lady Apostle" Helen Ukpabio is suing the British Humanist Association and Human Rights Information Network.

Self-professed witch hunter Helen Ukpabio travels around Africa supposedly identifying children with vampiric witchcraft spirits and claims that symptoms include crying, being ill or screaming at night.

But now she is suing the British Humanist Association for £500 million, in part because the organisation claimed she was blaming symptoms such as children crying, or getting ill on Satanic possession.

She says these symptoms actually relate to vampiric witchcraft spirits and this key distinction is enough for a legal case.

Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association said: "The fact that she is threatening to launch a legal claim for half a billion pounds over an alleged distinction between being accused of exorcising "Satan" or "Vampires" tells you all you need to know about Mrs Ukpabio."

The BHA organised a protest in April when she came to the UK to perform her rituals in South London church.

A BHA spokesperson said they were awaiting her response and she has yet to file at the high court.