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Egyptians Are Anonymously Sharing Pictures Of Their Rundown Hospitals On Facebook

A page set up after Egypt's prime minister paid surprise visits to hospitals over the weekend shows the poor conditions at some hospitals.

Posted on June 10, 2015, at 9:32 a.m. ET

Egyptians are anonymously sharing pictures of their rundown hospitals on a Facebook page set up at the weekend to raise awareness of the problem.

The page started posting photographs on Sunday and already has 246,000 likes. Many of the photos are being submitted by doctors as a way to call for reforms, the English-language Egyptian newspaper Mada Masr reported.

Several of the photos show cats in the hospital wards.

Or filthy bathrooms and corridors.

One picture shows doctors working by the light of mobile phones during a power cut, according to the caption.

The page is a response to Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb's surprise visits to the National Heart Institute and other facilities on Saturday. Shocked by poor conditions, Mehleb ordered for some top officials there to be fired.

The page's wry title translates in English as "So he is not surprised if he comes," Mada Masr reported. It has inspired another Facebook page to collate photos showing the state of Egypt's schools.

Some of the photos on the hospital Facebook page have appeared in previous Egyptian news articles about poor conditions or corruption in the country's hospitals, such as this article from May, and this article from last December.

The administrators of the hospital Facebook page did not immediately respond to request for comment from BuzzFeed News.