This Video Appears To Show ISIS Fighters Joking About Selling Slave Girls

BuzzFeed News could not independently verify the contents of the video, which has been newly translated by Al Aan TV.

This video, posted to YouTube by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) last month and newly translated by Al Aan TV, opens with a group of men on couches discussing how each will receive their "share" of female Yazidi slaves.

The atmosphere is pretty jovial, as the men laugh and joke with each other about how many each will receive.

Human rights groups say thousands of Yazidi women and young girls were taken from their ancestral homes in northern Iraq earlier this year when ISIS fighters swept through the Sinjar mountains, where the Yazidi people have practiced their own unique religion for thousands of years. Many Yazidi told stories of women and children being captured by the fighters. Those who could flee, scaled Sinjar Mountain, where some died from scorching heat and thirst before they could be rescued.

Family members often said they did not know where their female relatives had been taken, but they feared the worst. In the months since their capture, stories have leaked out about women being forced to convert and marry ISIS fighters.

In the last issue of Dabiq, an online magazine published by ISIS as a propaganda tool, there was an article arguing that Yazidi women and children captured by ISIS should be divided among fighters "according to Sharia law."

But the ISIS fighters appear to have their own ideas about the women. One man repeatedly tries to buy "shares" of the girls from the other men, claiming he wants as many as possible.

Each woman is worth approximately $300, according to Al Aan TV's new translation.

But blue-eyed women are worth are those with good teeth.

Some of the men seem confused about what Sharia — Islamic law — allows. Many of the world's most prominent Islamic scholars have condemned ISIS and their views on taking slaves and waging wars.

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