PSA: You Could Be Pooping Out Your Tattoo When You Get It Removed

I guess it's got to ~exit~ your body somehow, right?

So we know lasers are used to get rid of unwanted tattoos. But have you ever wondered where the ink actually goes once it's "removed"?

Well, here I'm going to tell you exactly how laser tattoo removal works, and what the hell happens to the ink that used to be there. Trust me, it's way better than what I'd imagined.

Just as an FYI, not all tattoos are removed by laser; harder-to-remove ones need to be surgically removed.

Laser removal tends to be the preferred method because it usually results in the least amount of ~noticeable~ damage.

Tattoo removal often takes multiple treatment sessions because all tattoo inks are different, and each one requires a specific laser to remove it.

The laser is used to heat up and subsequently break down the ink particles below the skin's surface.

And that's so the particles will be small enough for specialized cells to carry them away through the lymphatic system.

There, the particles are recognized as "waste" and discarded from your body through one of three ways — through your poop, your pee, or your sweat.

But, no, you will not be able to tell that there's tattoo ink in your poop — so please don't go looking for it.

In conclusion: Tattoo ink ends up being discarded from the body the same way as most toxins and waste.

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