Black Panther Is Triggering Trypophobia And The Internet Has Thoughts

Warning: This post contains images that may make people with trypophobia incredibly uncomfortable.

Sooo...unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know Black Panther came out, and it's kicking ass at the box office!

People are absolutely LOVING it.

Just left the “Black Panther” premiere if you don’t go see it I can’t be friends with you!!! IT WAS EXCELLENT, MOTI…

However, there is a group of people who were unpleasantly surprised during a few of the movie's scenes — people who experience trypophobia, including myself.

Many people reported having a hard time watching any scenes where Killmonger, Michael B. Jordan's character, was featured without a shirt — and there were MANY.

And that's because his character has millions of tiny bumplike scars littered all over his body, each one supposedly representing a life he's taken.

People were shook.

Black Panther thoughts!!! -best costume and production design I’ve ever seen -Black women are the mitochondria of…

My trypophobia when Michael B Jordan took his shirt off in Black Panther

if you have trypophobia and watch black panther it is the worst sjebakanskoanend I had to cover my eyes so many times

Even before its release, trypophobes were worried about being able to get through the movie.

My trypophobia is going to wylin during black panther...

Finally seeing BLACK PANTHER tonight and gonna spend all day psyching myself up to keep Michael B. Jordan from triggering my trypophobia

anybody else w trypophobia really gonna try their best to support black panther but gonna rlly die inside

Black Panther is about to have my trypophobia on 1000 and I’m so conflicted because I refuse to take my eyes off th…

Some even went as far as to warn others about seeing it.

do NOT watch Black Panther if you have trypophobia!


For those who have trypophobia. Be prepared if you're planning to watch Black Panther

Many were upset because all they wanted was to be able to stare at and appreciate Michael B. Jordan in peace.

black panther was immaculate other than the fact that I have trypophobia and couldn't stare at Michael b Jordan properly

I have Trypophobia, so it was really uncomfortable watching Michael B. Jordan in the #BlackPanther , sexy as he is…

wish i could appreciate michael b jordan more in black panther but i have trypophobia lmao

Some were looking for solidarity with other trypophobes.

do people with trypophobia find michael b jordan’s chest in black panther uncomfortable because i low-key do

bro am i the only who experienced some trypophobia shiz in black panther?

so i typed in “black panther trypophobia” on twitter and im glad it's not just me who is triggered by MBJ's body.

And some were willing to go to great lengths to not let trypophobia stop them from seeing the greatness that is Black Panther.

how does one with bad trypophobia mute and block very specific photos of Michael b Jordan in black panther pls send help

So, my partner has Trypophobia and the villain of Black Panther has bumps on his skin that resemble holes so I’m go…

But whether you experience trypophobia or not, there's one thing we can all agree on: WAKANDA FOREVER.

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