Here Are 18 Incredibly Doable Ways To Eat Less Sugar

Tips and tricks that will make cutting down on added sugar a little bit easier, from people who've been there.

Sugar is definitely DELICIOUS. So trying to limit your intake of added sugar can be really rough when you're first starting out.

1. First things first: Don't try to quit added sugar cold turkey.

2. And enjoy things in moderation — fully restricting yourself from the things you love could make things harder.

3. Make healthier lifestyle choices in other areas of your life — it will make eating less sugar much more manageable.

4. Do your research: Learn how sugar affects your body, and learn to read nutrition labels.

5. Then find out which foods, condiments, drinks, snacks, etc. are loaded with added sugar and which are not.

6. Use apps like MyFitnessPal to track how much sugar you're consuming on a regular basis — if tracking seems like it would be helpful.

7. Keep go-to snacks that are relatively low in added sugar on you at all times.

8. Stick to protein and complex-carb–heavy foods for breakfasts instead of sugary granolas and cereals.

9. Start eating more fruit and using it to naturally flavor your drinks and foods, instead of eating/drinking things that are artificially flavored.

10. Try to avoid meals that are loaded with simple carbs.

11. Sign up for grocery services like CSA (community-supported agriculture) to make eating fresh and healthy whole foods more convenient.

12. Bring stuff like hummus or meat and cheese platters to potlucks and work events.

13. Try to cut down on soda by switching to things like seltzer and La Croix — NOT diet sodas.

14. And seriously increase the protein in your diet so that you're fuller for longer and might crave sugar less.

15. Stay away from low-fat products.

16. Try to put less sugar in your coffee and tea, and maybe cut out sweetener altogether one day.

17. Find lower-sugar baking and cooking alternatives that you can use in your recipes.

18. Finally, remember that learning what works for your body is a process of trial and error, and that not everything you read is going to get you the results you want.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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