How Has The Pandemic Changed Your Relationship To Social Media?

BuzzFeed News wants to hear from you.

Special life moments and important rites of passage have looked drastically different this past year. Perhaps you had to cancel a wedding, or hold a baby shower over Zoom. And with many of us changing the way we socialize and interact, you may have had to grapple with how much you wanted to divulge on social media. Now that more and more Americans are getting vaccinated, plans for in-person gatherings are slowly starting to materialize again — but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone back to sharing our lives in the same way.

Maybe you’ve moved more daily content onto your "close friends" list on Instagram to avoid potential COVID-etiquette scolds. Perhaps you became pregnant and put off publicizing the news. Maybe you went through a bad breakup and had to decide what to do with all the digital evidence of your relationship: Leave posts up? Archive them? Delete them permanently? You might be trying to spend less time on your phone, but struggling with that during a time when we have been more reliant on the internet than ever before for community and connection.

How has the pandemic affected the way you use social media? Are you posting about life milestones or other important moments differently? We want to hear about your experiences and considerations. Submit your answers to a short survey here. You might be quoted in a future BuzzFeed News story.

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