How Are You Making Up For Lost Time?

BuzzFeed News wants to hear from you.

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The past two years have been frightening and disruptive for so many of us (though for some, of course, more than others). If you’re someone who's embarking on a new stage of life right now, starting the year 2022 when the world changed for good in March 2020 might feel especially disorienting.

Are you a college student or recent grad who’s second-guessing everything you thought you knew about the kind of life it’s possible to lead?

An older millennial facing down middle age and wishing you’d accomplished more by now?

Are you, like me, about to turn 30 and mourning that you spent the end of your 20s — time you’ll never get back — too depressed to enjoy your final “fuck it” years?

If you feel that you’ve lost significant chunks of your life to this pandemic, we want to hear from you.

How are you coping? What kind of plans are you making for the future? Do you feel capable of making plans at all? What changes, personally and collectively, are you hoping to make in 2022? How do we bounce back from all of this?

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