Celebrating Ramadan In Black Muslim Communities

The glory of #BlackMuslimRamadan and #BlackoutEid

On an episode BuzzFeed's See Something Say Something podcast, host Ahmed Ali Akbar focused on a community that isn’t often centered during Ramadan — black American (and Canadian) Muslims.

Sarah Hagi, a staff writer for Vice, told us about the glory of #BlackMuslimRamadan and #BlackoutEid

#blackhijabichallenge is in full swing! #BlackMuslimRamadan 🙌🏾 @malikahcreates @RufusandJenny @TinyMuslimah

💎💎💎💎💎 #blackouteid #blackoutday

And Ikhlas Saleem, who co-hosts the Identity Politics podcast, talked about moving away from, and back to, the black Muslim community she grew up in.

Plus — why she joined the international students association in college despite being 100% American.

In today’s episode, @i_saleem talks about finding ways to live out her black Muslim identity in college… https://t.co/aL3CcxCPKF

You can read Ikhlas' essay about moving back to Atlanta, where she grew up, here.

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This episode is part of a series organized by BuzzFeed podcast See Something Say Something celebrating Ramadan with podcast episodes, posts, videos, and essays.

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