Ayman Mohyeldin Talks About Reporting In Gaza And Fasting In A War Zone

The MSNBC anchor stopped by See Something Say Something to talk about his work on-air and off.

It's Ramadan and See Something Say Something is celebrating by talking to Muslims in the media spotlight...

...like Ayman Mohyeldin! You may recognize him as an anchor and host on MSNBC.

He came by the studio to talk about what it's like to report in Trump's America, objectivity in media, and speaking truth to power.

Here's an excerpt:

He also talked about what it was like to fast while reporting from the Gaza war in 2014 and how it put things in perspective.

Facebook: ahmed.ali.akbar

"You’re still at a very beautiful place in the world — you’re on the Mediterranean. I remember many times where you were breaking your fast on very simple, basic food. It wasn’t necessarily the fancy or traditional iftars that we think of when we think of Ramadan, like, a huge spread. But you would see, like, all of the hotel staff and all of the people that were there would kind of gather around this table and the basic food that we could come up with and get in the middle of a war zone. And have these very incredible, meaningful iftars. And everyone would talk and laugh and rejoice about the fact that they made it through another day in the middle of a war zone. And you see this humanity and camaraderie and brotherhood that I think is deeply touching, deeply gratifying, and I think in so many ways humbling, and really, kind of helps you reset your emotional and spiritual compass, to know what is important in life, not to take these moments or granted. And when you get out of these difficult situations, how to embrace those iftars when you are elsewhere and you do have that big spread of table in front of you, to remember what is actually really important is not necessarily the food but the company."

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