For Fanta, Nazi Germany Was Apparently In The "Good Old Times"

Coca-Cola celebrated the 75th anniversary of Fanta with a video, in which they call Nazi Germany "good old times." Now the company is disassociating itself from the video.

The video starts with an unassuming line: "75 years ago, resources for our beloved Coke in Germany were scarce."

But why exactly were resources scarce in Germany at that time? Coca-Cola doesn't mention that.

Here's a hint: From 1939 on, Germany was waging war in Europe.

The workaround that Coca-Cola's German branch had to that resource scarcity was a "fantastic idea," as the video explains, hence why it's called "Fanta."

So Fanta was a direct result of the war. But Coca-Cola still thinks it was a fantastic idea and say so in the video: "To celebrate Fanta, we want to give you the feeling of the Good Old Times back."

This is Hitler in Paris after he occupied France in 1940. You know, the "good old times" Coca-Cola wants to bring back to us.

Here are just a few of pictures that the Internet has put together that could also help Coca-Cola remember the "good old times."

This is the complete video that Coca-Cola produced for the 75th anniversary of Fanta.

View this video on YouTube

Coca-Cola has not answered BuzzFeed Germany's request for comment and the video has been taken down.

Fanta has confirmed the authenticity of the video in a call with BuzzFeed. They said they took it offline because of the "misleading part." A spokesperson said the video will get updated. "We had no intention to call Nazi Germany 'the good old times.' We wanted to remind our customers of their childhood, like when we display the Coca-Cola bottle from the 1960s. Coca Cola disassociates itself in every from Nazi times."

This was the original video:

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This post originally appeared in German on BuzzFeed Germany.

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