This Is What People Promised They Would Do If Biden Won

Time to make good on those promises.

Joe Biden has won the presidency.

And that means a lot of people have to do what they said they would.

Because in the days before the election ended, many people on Twitter posted what they would do if the former vice president won.

And now it's time to be accountable.

if trump loses I will cover iris by the goo goo dolls


If Joe Biden wins I will go eat Taco Bell

If Biden wins, I’ll resume my keto journey

if biden wins, i will dye my hair silver and lavender or one of the two

Bro if Biden wins today I will pull up to dtla in my spider cuz costume

I will confess my love for my crush if Biden wins

If Biden wins this I will... Finally get some sleep.

Ok ok SERIOUSLY. If Biden wins I WILL work out. And I MEAN IT!

If Biden wins Arizona, I will let a scorpion sting me.

if biden wins georgia i will buy everyone waffle house yasss

if biden wins i will completely do the same things as i was doing before

If Biden wins. I will attempt to do a backflip

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