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Steven Slater Backlash

Working class hero, or disgruntled employee looking for a fight? A new report sheds a different light on the events surrounding Slater's dramatic departure from his job.

Posted on August 12, 2010, at 11:59 a.m. ET

The Wall Street Journal reports today that America's favorite flight attendant, Steven Slater, might have started the ruckus that ended with him grabbing two beers and jumping down the emergency slide. The picture painted by the Journal's reporting shows Slater angry with passengers even at the start of the flight.

One passenger, Marjorie Briskin, said he sported the gash on his head throughout most the flight, and at the end "he looked disturbed."

Another passenger interviewed by the Journal, Lauren Dominijanni, said Slater was rude to her right from the start.

She said someone had spilled coffee on her seat and when she asked for a sanitary wipe to clean it up, Mr. Slater "rolled his eyes at me and said, 'What?' in a real rude manner."

Ms. Dominijanni, of Pittsburgh, said that when she pointed to the spilled coffee, Mr. Slater barked, "No! Maybe when we get in the air! I need to take care of myself first, honey!" She said he was pointing to the gash on his head.

Neither Dominijanni, Briskin nor a third passenger the paper spoke to, Marissa Liebhaber, said they noticed the drama that happened at the end of the flight, including Slater's use of the PA or his emergency exit departure.

"I didn't even know anything happened until I got home and my mom saw it on the news," said Ms. Liebhaber, who lives on Long Island, in East Meadow.

So just what did happen aboard that JetBlue Flight? And when will Slater announce his new reality TV show?