Send Us Your Burning 2020 Election Questions

Whether you're an eligible voter or not, this election cycle is confusing, complex, and ever-changing. Send us your questions and we'll get you some answers.

I don't believe anyone who claims they understand every inch of the American political system. How could you? Every time I think I have some grasp on it, there's a draconian rule that throws me back into confusion.

I'm sure I'm not alone, so for an upcoming episode of Not Great — our podcast on the abundance of bad news we get every week — we want to hear from you. If you, like me, have questions on the political process, the candidates, the voting rules, whatever they may be, send them to us. No matter how small ("Where is DC?") or how big ("Is this what they mean when they say dystopia?"), we'll get you an answer.

You can fill out a form here with your question, or better yet, send us a voice memo with your name, city, age, and question, to

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