How Are You Getting Your Weed During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Most of us have been told to stay inside and avoid contact with others — so how are those of us who use or sell marijuana getting by?

It doesn't seem likely that the quarantine spurred by the coronavirus outbreak will end for most of us very soon. Bars and restaurants are closed, people are told to keep at least 6 feet apart, and some states are implementing shelter-in-place measures.

While businesses deemed essential are allowed to stay open — including grocery stores, pharmacies, and, interestingly enough, some liquor stores — getting weed right now might be difficult.

So we're looking for stories from you on how you're getting your weed now, what you're worried about, whether your dealer is still selling, and how you're keeping your distance while buying. If you're a dealer yourself, we're curious if you're still doing pickups or drop-offs during the quarantine.

Whatever you'd like to tell us, we'd love to hear it — and we'll keep you anonymous if you prefer. If you're a weed user, you can fill out our survey here. If you're a dealer, you can do so here. ●

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