Ask Us How To Live During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Don't suffer alone! How to Plague is here to help.

It's tough to figure out how to live during a global pandemic like the COVID-19 outbreak. When should you be wearing a mask? Are you allowed to let your kids go outside to play? Are handjobs okay??? Here, let me help.

I'm Scaachi Koul, a culture writer at BuzzFeed News. I'm not an actual expert in anything, especially a global pandemic, but I am incredibly bossy. So of course I'm the right person to advise you on How to Plague. This is BuzzFeed News' advice column for life during COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic is changing every day, and it can be hard to figure out how to live your life with any sense of normalcy, certainty, or safety. So send us your questions!

You can do so using this Google Form or our text messaging service or by emailing me directly at I'll do my best to get you an answer. (I promise to call some actual experts when my own bossiness doesn't help.)

Your question can be anything, from something you're too embarrassed to ask a friend about, to something you can't find online, to something you know has been addressed before but you still just don't get it. (Who could blame you?!) No question is too weird or too obvious. Don't suffer alone; How to Plague is here to help.

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