Are You Getting Your Cosmetic Procedure Reversed?

BBLs and plumped lips may be all the rage for now, but what do you do if you regret the work you got done?

Cropped photo of an experienced doctor injecting dermal filler into the chin of a female patient

Lately, it feels like everyone is trying to revert back to their original form. Bella Hadid is giving interviews about how she regrets the nose job she got at 14, rumors abound that the Kardashians are reversing the alleged cosmetic procedures that gave them their big butts and slim waists, and K. Michelle is currently hosting a Lifetime reality show about plastic surgery reversals.

While it seems more common than ever to get a little nip or tuck — and there are plenty of before-and-after celeb photos on social media — reversals are also gaining popularity. If you're in the process of getting any of your cosmetic procedures reversed — be it a BBL or injections or an implant — we want to hear from you. Why did you make the decision? How expensive will your reversal be? What do your friends and family think about it? And what are you hoping to look and feel like after the reversal?

If you're looking into reversing any of your cosmetic procedures or you've already had your cosmetic procedures reversed and want to share your story, you can fill out our form here, or email us directly at

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