"What's Left?": A New Kind Of Political Podcast

What's Left? is a new podcast from BuzzFeed News Opinion featuring bold, in-depth conversations about the big ideas that have come to define the American political scene.

Hello, listeners! By now, you’ve surely downloaded the first episode of What’s Left? — our brand-new political interview podcast.

"What's Left?" Podcast: Rashida Tlaib Talks Democratic Socialism

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Here’s our plan for What’s Left?

Since 2008, politics has changed radically. If you just covered Democrats and Republicans, you’d miss the story: big movements like Occupy, the tea party, the movement for black lives, Bernie’s socialist campaign, immigration protests, the fight against mass incarceration, white nationalism, the self-described "antifa" — need we go on?

Yet much of the media is still stuck in horse race politics and scare tactics about anything radical. The takes are getting hotter by the second. They don’t really want to cover the new forces shaping our world.

We do. We take for granted that ideas that were at the margin 10 years ago are now central, and our mission is to interview people about that new thinking. Our conversations will go in-depth with thinkers, writers, politicians, and activists on the ground. At a time when politics as normal has exploded, we'll ask them: What’s Left?

This week's episode tackles identity politics — we talk with Barbara Smith, one of the women who invented the term, and Francis Fukuyama, who thinks they're messing everything up. Our third on Sept. 2 will dig into new perspectives on American gun culture. Sure, politics is horrifying right now, but should you arm yourself and take to the hills? There’s only one way to find out.

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