Trump Started The Debate Sniffling And Now People Are Concerned For His Health

Can someone get him a tissue?

Trump started the debate with a sniffly nose. If you missed it, here's a recap.

Twitter quickly grew concerned with Trump's health.

I hope Trump releases his sniffle-related medical records #debatenight

I heard a sniffle... DOES TRUMP HAVE PNEUMONIA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! #debates

People couldn't focus on anything else.

Trump's sniffle count is up to seven at 9:13. #DebateNight #Debates

someone get trump a tissue i'm gonna explode if i hear him sniffle into his mic one more time

Please, please, please have Clinton silently hand Trump a tissue. #debatenight

Twitter asked...

Quick someone start a @trumpsniffle account #debatenight

...and Twitter delivered.

I'll make more jobs. Way more *SNIFF* jobs. I'm the *SNIFF* best at making jobs. In the tissue industry. #debate #Debates2016

More than once.

On Tuesday morning, Trump said he didn't have the sniffles and a "very bad" microphone had most likely picked up his breathing.

Still, key debate takeaway?

CORRECTED: Trump's sniffle is the story of this debate so far.

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