This Perfect Chrome Extension Replaces "Millennials" With "Snake People"

"For Snake People, A Generational Divide." H/T creator @ericwbailey.

You know that wrathful feeling you get when you see yet another article making broad, sweeping generalizations about so-called "millennials"?

Curb your angry, eye-rolling urges with this delightful Chrome extension that replaces the m-word with... "Snake People."

Revisit Google results:

What does Snapchat's CEO think about this generation?

Who speaks for them?

And who wants to?

Read the Washington Post like you've never read it before:

And the New York Times:

The Chrome extension also has a replacement for "digital natives":

And "Generation Y" becomes something else too...

What of managing this cohort?

What about that PR pitch that used the m-word 20 times?

No hands are free of blood!

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