This Japanese Dad's Instagram Is Filled With His Incredible Sashimi Creations

He has no restaurant experience and taught himself by watching YouTube videos.

A dad in Japan sharing his gorgeous sashimi creations on Instagram.

Mikyou, a father of two, lives in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.

He fashions slices of raw salmon, sea bream, flounder, and tuna...


...and Buddhist heavenly maidens.

Mikyou told BuzzFeed News that he joined Instagram to share his sashimi arrangements, which he began doing in summer 2017.

“You could say that I accidentally stumbled upon the idea of my sashimi art when I tried using different kinds of fish to recreate the crane arrangement that typically only uses thinly sliced fugu,” he said.

“It ended up looking like a woman seen from behind, and things progressed from there,” he said.

Mikyou said he is a “total amateur” who taught himself how to prepare and arrange fish by watching YouTube videos and practicing.

He said he prepares the sashimi art in his kitchen as meals to enjoy with his family.

“It’s really easy to get fresh seafood in Matsuyama,” Mikyou said. “So my family and I often eat sashimi, and we’re quite picky about the flavor.”

“As a result, I usually do a lot of preparation before I make the sashimi art so that I can arrange it as quickly as possible after slicing,” he added.

“I’m the only one in my family who gets any enjoyment out of these creations,” Mikyou said.

People are truly in love with Mikyou’s art.

Mikyou often gets messages from people outside of Japan — asking where his restaurant is located or saying that they want to try his creations when they visit Tokyo.

“I used to enjoy watching my younger son get embarrassed and upset when I would create something too pretty,” he said. “But at this point, they hardly react to my creations. They just quietly eat them up.”

We hope you keep up the amazing work, sashimi dad!!! 🍣🍣🍣

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This post was translated from Japanese.

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