#JeSuisNico Trends After Nicolas Sarkozy Was Caught Sneaking To Front Of Paris March

The former French president was seen winding his way to a prominent spot during the rally against terrorism, and the internet had a lot of thoughts about that.

On Sunday more than 40 world leaders participated in the anti-terror march in Paris in a bold show of international unity.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who is seen as a contender for the next presidential election, managed to secure for himself a front-row spot.

Soon the hashtag #JeSuisNico, a riff on #JeSuisCharlie (translated as "I am Charlie" to honor the slain Charlie Hebdo staffers), was trending on Twitter.

And that meant photoshopping Sarkozy muscling his way into other historic moments.

The fifth Beatle?

Donnez une chance à la paix.

Pardon, mais c'était trop tentant. Voici ma modeste contribution... #JeSuisNico (http://t.co/EEmCWNJ3vo)

John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Nico.

Et hop! Je fais un #JeSuisNico aussi. #JesuisSergentPepper

French kiss.

when u wanna chill with ur homeboy but he brings his bae #JeSuisNico

This is ground control to Major Nico.

Photobombing Marilyn.

Stand aside, Jennifer Lawrence.

Frenchman at lunch.

Sarkozy s'incruste à la marche de Paris... mais pas seulement ! #ouestsarkozy #jesuisnico http://t.co/JHbZ48zjOe

Where Nico's going, he doesn't need roads.

Retour vers le passé #JeSuisNico

Not the very front, but close enough.


Friends vs 2015 #JeSuisNico

And of course...

Kim Kardashian break the Sarkozy #JeSuisNico

h/t AFP

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