The Starbucks App Was Down This Morning So People Had To Analog Order Like It Was The 1500s

Could 2019 get any worse????

The Starbucks app has been down all morning and has caused a ruckus across the United States.

When the Starbucks app is down so I gotta order at the counter like it’s the dark ages 🙄

Americans had to stand in line and actually talk to somebody to order their latte.

Why isn’t my Starbucks app working!! Now my ass gonna be late to work 🤦🏽‍♀️

I don't even know how to talk to humans anymore.

When the @Starbucks app is down and you have to stand in line like a peasant. <<<

The Starbucks mobile app this morning is about as useless as my ex boyfriend. Seriously though, what’s going on @Starbucks??

The pain.

The horror.

The Starbucks app is down. The most HIDEOUS experience for me to have to go through!

Please pray for all of us.

@Starbucks your app is down. I have to skip my coffee this morning 😱😭😿

As we go through this tragedy.

Why the FUCK isn't the Starbucks app working!!?!!! I don't want to wait in line wtf!!!!

@Starbucks your app is bugging out! I just want to order my coffee!

But we will get through it.

Was going to go to Starbucks this morning to treat myself because I’ve been having a shitty week but to add to everything the app didn’t function I ended up making coffee at home and having a second cup at work😒

Of course, the one day this week I was going to rely on mobile ordering the @Starbucks app is down

We will persevere.

The one day I wanted to get Starbucks, and their mobile ordering app and their website is not working! GOOD JOB!

@starbucks app down. Today is cancelled, going back to bed. 😲

@Starbucks - I think there's something up with your app. Literally standing inside a store, but apparently no stores are available per the app.

Your #starbucks app can't find your store; you stand in line and order like a #luddite but remember you have #Stars for a free drink. #upsized

We just wanted a latte.

Anyone else experiencing problems with the @Starbucks app? Couldn’t order anything for my usual mobile order pick up before work had this message pop up all morning ... zzzz

Starbucks responded to the grief on Twitter, saying the app had a "meltdown" and promising a fix soon.

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