A Guide To The Social Media Lifecycle Of All Major News Events

These 16 things are guaranteed to happen every time.

1. People gather round their 'puters for the event

2. Someone publishes a list telling you who to follow even though your stream will quickly be deemed worthless due to the volume of tweets. It's every tweeter for themselves at this point!

3. Of course there is a drinking game* to go with the event

4. Then the event begins!

5. First thing to come out are Parody Twitter Accounts!

6. And more Parody Accounts!

7. And yet more Parody Accounts!

8. Let us not forget the parody losers of the night =(


9. A recent meme will make a guest appearance

10. A major corporation will tweet something really dumb

11. And then apologize for it

12. One image mashup will outshine them all

13. Rob Delaney will have one tweet that will sum up the event perfectly.

14. The news reports how this is another social media milestone, which is news.

15. Newspapers then summarize the event for us the next morning

16. And then someone will announce something and we will forget all about what happened

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