Wreckage Of Missing Cargo Ship Found In The Atlantic

The wreckage of the missing El Faro was found in the Atlantic over the weekend, authorities confirmed Monday. The ship was carrying 33 crew members when it disappeared on Oct. 1.

The wreckage of the missing El Faro cargo ship has been found about 15,000 feet under the sea, authorities confirmed Monday.

The cargo ship and its crew of 33 went missing Oct. 1 in the Atlantic, as Hurricane Joaquin came barreling through the region. Twenty-eight of the crew members were American. Five were Polish.

On Saturday, the National Transportation Safety Board announced that sonar equipment aboard a search vessel detected what is believed to be remnants of the ship. Those findings were confirmed on Monday.

Wreckage found at bottom of ocean on 10/31 confirmed to be #ElFaro. Survey of area and vessel continues.

Federal investigators said earlier this month the 790-foot ship is believed to have been about 20 miles from the eye of the hurricane when it last made contact.

Searchers used a remotely operated, deep ocean vehicle to confirm the wreck is from El Faro.

The ship that located the wreck, Apache, left Virginia on Oct. 19 to begin searching for the lost vessel.

Officials said the wreck was found close to where the ship lost contact.

The crew on board of Apache is equipped with video recording equipment to begin documenting the wreck. It will also attempt to recover the voyage data recorder, which is being sought by investigators to determine how the ship sank.

Only one body from the crew has been recovered so far.

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