Students Heard A Woman Get Fatally Shot During Their Online Class

"Everyone could hear it," a spokesperson for the school district said.

Students logged into an online class could hear a man allegedly shoot and kill his sister in Milwaukee, officials said.

Mario Stokes, 45, was charged with one count of first-degree reckless homicide and another count of a felon in possession of a firearm after he allegedly shot his sister early Sept. 11, according to court documents.

The shooting occurred while a Milwaukee Public Schools student was logged in for a distance learning class, school district spokesperson Earl Arms told NBC News.

"It was one of our MPS students that had a shooting happen while they were on the (remote) classroom and everyone could hear it," he said. "It was inside the house.

Arms did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' requests for comment.

NBC News reported Stokes shot his sister, 52-year-old Michelle Blackmon, several times in the face and head in her kitchen.

Stokes and Blackmon had been arguing the night before, and, according to a criminal complaint cited by NBC News, Blackmon told her brother to leave the house the following day.

After the shooting, Stokes reportedly turned himself in to police at a local precinct.

Across the country, children have been attending school through online courses because of the pandemic. In the first few months since children have been attending distant learning classes from home, this is not the first incident of a killing being captured in some way online.

In Florida, students and their teacher looked on as one of their classmates put her hands up to her ears, just as her mother was shot and killed, allegedly by an ex-boyfriend. The teacher had muted the girl's computer because yelling and profanity could be heard in the background just seconds before shots rang out.

According to court records, Stokes's attorneys said he might not be "competent to proceed" to trial, prompting the judge to request an examination by a doctor.

Stokes is expected to appear in court Oct. 5.

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