Police Arrested A Woman For Driving A Power Wheels Truck Along A Road While Intoxicated

The woman reportedly told police she was on a scavenger hunt when she was driving the kids' toy.

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A South Carolina woman was pulled over and arrested after local police spotted her rolling down the street in a silver Power Wheels truck.

Yes, a Power Wheels truck.

Megan Holman was pulled over Monday by Walhalla police officers after they received a call about a suspicious person, Chief Sean Brinson told local NBC affiliate WYFF-TV.

The suspicious person, it turned out, was the 25-year-old riding the children's toy down North Church Street.

Brinson told the station that Holman was about a mile from her home when police caught up to her in the electric toy.

He said Holman was under the influence of a narcotic at the time.

The driver, however, was not arrested on DUI, given that she was behind the wheel of a toy and not a vehicle.

Brinson told WYFF that Holman was booked on suspicion of public intoxication.

According to an incident report that was obtained by the State, Holman told police that she was riding the Power Wheels truck as part of a scavenger hunt and that "she wanted to be a professional wrestler like her father and this was how to do it."

Brinson and Walhalla police officials did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News requests for comment.

The State reported that Holman was released from jail the same day on a personal recognizance bond.

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