Will Ferrell Returned To "SNL" As George W. Bush

"Don't forget we're still in two different wars that I started."

Returning to Saturday Night Live as a host this week, Will Ferrell started off the show by running back his iconic impression of George W. Bush.

"If you have been reading the news lately — I certainly have not. I've been too busy doing oil paintings," he said.

"I call this one 'Doggy Goes to Space.'"

If you've seen recent polling, the 43rd president has been looking pretty good lately, despite leaving his term in relative unpopularity.

"Donny Q. Trump came in and suddenly I'm looking pretty sweet by comparison," Ferrell, as Bush, said. "Heck, I voted for Jill Stein, all the way."

"So I just wanted to address my fellow Americans tonight and remind you guys that I was really bad," he said. "Don't forget we're still in two different wars that I started."

"What has two thumbs and created ISIS? This guy."

"Stock market is at 26,000 right now. I had you down to a cool 8K. Now, I'm no economer. But even I know that was no bueno."

"Donald J. Trump thinks the media hates him. One time in Iraq a reporter through an actual shoe at me. He took it off of his foot, lobbed straight at my noggin. Then he gathered himself, took off the other one and tried it again."

Leslie Jones even joined him as former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to sing about the good ol' days.

Condi Rice and George Bush reminiscing about the days Cheney shot a guy in the face and "Nazis kept it to themselve… https://t.co/MottNpJh19

🎵 The housing market went to hell / Nazis kept it to themselves / Bin Laden was alive and well / Those were the days... 🎵

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