These Men Just Barely Saved A Woman And Her Dog From Drowning

The woman and her dog were rescued from rising floodwaters in Louisiana just as their car became completely submerged.

A dramatic rescue was captured on video Saturday in Baton Rouge as a man pulled a woman and her dog out of a car sinking into floodwaters.

Three civilian rescuers in a boat came upon a sinking red convertible as it was nearly submerged in floodwaters.

One of the men on the boat immediately tells the woman in the car to get out, when a voice from inside the car responds, "I'm trying."

The men then try to break a window of the car and search for a knife to cut through the convertible top of the car.

"Oh my God, I'm drowning," the woman can be heard saying.

The group of men are seen trying to break through the window of the car when one of them jumps into the murky water in a desperate attempt to pull the woman out.

As he opens a hole in the convertible top, water floods in and the car sinks further, prompting the rescuer to reach deep into the murky water for the woman.

Several seconds pass until the woman is pulled out alive.

After being successfully pulled from the water, the woman tells rescuers: "My dog. Get my dog."

She and the rescuer then reach into the water in search of the dog as the two other men on the rescue boat toss life vests.

The two continue searching for the dog without success, until one of the men in the boat says, "Dude, she's gone."

"No, she better not be," the woman says.

And then:

"I got your dog," the rescuer says, pulling a small white dog from the water.

The video was captured by WAFB-TV, which has been covering the devastating flooding in the area.

The woman was just one of more than 1,000 people that have been rescued from the rising waters as historic flooding hits the state. Officials said at least three others have died.

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