Usain Bolt Finished Third In His Last Race, And His Fans Couldn't Have Cared Less

The Jamaican sprinter took the bronze medal in his final solo race, but people still know he's great.

You guys know Usain Bolt, right? Quick as lightning, fastest man alive, Usain Bolt.

Well, the 30-year-old ran his last 100-meter race at the world championship in London Saturday, and walked away with a bronze medal.

It was close. In fact, Bolt was .03 seconds away from finishing first in his last individual race. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, and American Justin Gatlin took the win.

But Bolt, easily the crowd favorite and one of the most recognizable faces in the sport, took his third-place slot gracefully.

The London crowd, in fact, seemed to take the loss to heart, booing after learning Bolt didn't take the gold.

The reaction to @usainbolt not winning the 100m in here was unreal 💔 #London2017 #IAAFWorlds ⚡️

But fans of the greatest sprinter of all time cared little about his place on the podium, and heaped praise on Bolt for what has been an unbelievable career.

Thanks @usainbolt for the interesting to see if anyone gets near those world records for a while.....onwards 👏👍⚡️

No matter who came first @usainbolt will always be the best! Thank you for all the memories you gave us 👏👏 👏 #bolt…

Thank you @usainbolt for inspiring all track athletes nation wide... You truly are the best sprinter of all time

#bolt is a legend - how privileged we are to be around to see such class & one of the best sprinters ever #London2017 #USAINBOLT

Other athletes also jumped in to praise one of the greatest sprinters of all time.

A pure honour chatting to without doubt the best athlete the World will ever see @usainbolt #legend

9 years ago #UsainBolt ran his way into our hearts and changed the game forever Track and Field will miss you. #incredibolt #ForeverFastest

Emotional....not because Usain lost..but that's more individual running....gutted he is going...we will miss you @usainbolt G.O.A.T

Even Gatlin, who won the race, had to pay his respects to the fastest man alive.

Thanks for the memories, Bolt! It went by too fast.

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