Tim Kaine Is Twitter's Favorite Living, Breathing Dad Joke

How you doing there, sport, slugger, champ, kiddo, bud?

Sen. Tim Kaine accepted the vice presidential nomination Wednesday night, and Twitter immediately decided he is a dad joke come to life.

Yes, the senator from Virginia has a reputation as a straight-laced politician who is sometimes described as "boring," but he received plenty of cheers at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday.

But that didn't stop people from describing him as someone quick to pull a dad joke.

If Joe Biden is your favorite uncle, Tim Kaine is your favorite assistant vice principal.

But he's cool about it.

Tim Kaine just wants one word alone with your prom date.

Probably super heavy on the dad jokes.

ACTUAL CONVERSATION: Clinton: "I'm asking you to be my Vice President." Tim Kaine: "Hi 'asking you to be my Vice President', I'm dad!"

But it's a little awkward when he does it in public.

Tim Kaine is your super-nerdy uncle but then he knows the full lyrics to a Drake song and everyone's like "OH SHIT UNCLE TIM"

Sport, champ, slugger.

I just want Tim Kaine to make me some scrambled eggs when I'm sad and ask me, "What's wrong, scout?"

Tim Kaine seems like the kind of guy who buys you 5 shares of stock for your 10th birthday and tells you to "hold onto those, kiddo"

He's embarrassing in a cool way.

Tim Kaine is your dad performing in the PTA talent show and you're proud of him but also kind of want to die

*Pew pew*

Tim Kaine is what happens if finger guns were a dude

I bet Tim Kaine still says "wuzzzaaaaaa" to his kids on the phone even though they've never gotten it.

Because he just puts on a movie.

Tim Kaine is also your second favorite substitute Spanish teacher

Stop it.

Kaine’s like your friend’s Dad who learned about “raise the roof” in 2001.

Super helpful.

i bet if tim kaine has leaked voicemails at the DNC they were all reminders to stay hydrated

And he does it enthusiastically.

Tim Kaine seems like his whole life, he's been the only person at his workplaces who's known how to put more toner in the copy machine

Tim Kaine is the quiet A/V nerd in high school who could unscramble porn and secretly had great weed. #DemsInPhilly

tim kaine is the straight bro friend that you fall in love with and he doesn't get weird about it and respects your feelings

Sweet set of hub cabs on that ride too, I bet.

Tim Kaine subscribes to MotorTrend magazine & secretly wanted the Porsch but is proud to drive the minivan

He's just watching out for you.

Tim Kaine is your friend's dad who catches you smoking weed at a sleepover and doesn't rat you out but talks to you about brain development

Tim Kaine doesn't have a pencil you can borrow. Tim Kaine has a pencil you can keep.

And finally:

Tim Kaine doesn't care who said what to who when, he thinks Kim and Kanye owe Taylor an apology

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