Things Got Weird At Donald Trump's Election Day Party, Fast

Things got weird at the Trump party before it even started.

Before it was even under way, Trump's Election Day party was already weird.

First of all, the Republican candidate decided to hold the party at a Hilton hotel instead of at Trump Tower, which the Washington Post reported was due to the expected size of the crowd.

But there were also a couple of bizarre images that greeted reporters and attendees when the arrived at the hotel Tuesday.

This "shrine" of Trump campaign gear caught a couple of reporters off guard.

Some sort of shrine to Trump gear at the Hilton.

A "Make America Great Again" cap was set on the stage, encased in glass like a museum exhibit.

There's a Make America Great Again hat under glass on the side of the stage.

Then there was mayhem outside the hotel, including rows and rows of news vans parked on the busy New York street.

And if you make it inside the party, you have to pay how much for a domestic beer?!

They built a cash bar at Trump election night party-- and his supporters are going to pay for it.

This guy was apparently selling "Cap'n Trump" cereal boxes just outside the party.

Colombian @martnzara sells Cap'n Trump cereal boxes outside Trump election party in Hilton hotel. Part of money goe…

I mean...

#ElectionDay at @realDonaldTrump Party: CAP'N TRUMP Make Breakfast Great Again @KaiDiekmann @bild

It's almost over, folks.

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