Melissa McCarthy As Sean Spicer Went Looking For Trump In NY To Make Things Right

“I need to find Trump. I promise I will talk better”

Melissa McCarthy returned to Saturday Night Live and we finally know why she rode around Manhattan in a motorized podium: She was looking for Trump to make things right.

You see, Sarah Huckabee has been filling in for Sean Spicer at White House press briefings lately, fueling speculation that Sean Spicer's job might be on the line. But Spicey has been hanging out near by.

Some reporters, though, seemed to be welcoming the change.

"You are articulate and charming," one SNL "reporter" tells Aidy Bryant, who played Huckabee. "Whereas Sean is bullish and..."

Welcome back Sean.

Bobby Moynihan, playing New York Times correspondent Glenn Thrush, wanted to know if the firing of the FBI's director, James Comey, had anything to do with his investigation into Russia.

"I think the American people deserve to know," he says. But McCarthy's Spicer was not having it.

"Shut up, Glenn!"

The reporters in the sketch press on. "Sean, you must know this Russia thing was really bad," one comments.

So Spicer took out his Russian nesting dalls to press his point.

"Trump conferred with his good friend, Steve Bannon."

"And the decision to fire Comey was confirmed by Trump's tiniest of buddies, c'mon now little buddy, Jeff Sessions."

But reporters aren't just interested in Russia and Comey: They point out that Spicer's job is reportedly on the line.

"Were you surprised he fired Comey before he fired you?" someone asks.


The reporters demand to know what is going on in the White House, and why Spicer is being told to say things that are plainly untrue? Why would Trump, his friend, put him in that position?

He's off to find out.

All the way to New York.

Spicer is so sad! 😞

Thankfully he clears everything up with Trump. Sort of. ❤️

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