Melania And Ivanka Trump's Votes In The New York Mayoral Race Were Tossed Out

The president's absentee ballot also had the wrong birthdate.

The votes cast by first lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump in last month's New York mayoral election were tossed out after the president's wife and eldest daughter made mistakes in their absentee ballots, NBC News reported Tuesday.

They weren't the only members of the Trump family who had trouble filling out the New York ballot, though — the president's absentee ballot also had the wrong birthdate.

The New York Daily News first reported the errors on the ballots submitted by the first family, who moved to Washington, DC, following Trump's election but filled out absentee ballots to participate in November's New York City mayoral race.

When Melania Trump mailed her ballot, she reportedly forgot to sign the envelope, as required by New York City's Board of Elections. Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump filled out the ballot correctly, but mailed it on the day of the election, which is too late for the vote to count toward the final tally, the Daily News reported.

New York City Board of Elections spokeswoman Valerie Vasquez confirmed to NBC News that because of the missing signature and late mailing, both ballots were not counted. Jared Kushner, one of the president's senior advisers and Ivanka Trump's husband, did not mail in his ballot, the Daily News reported.

The Daily News also obtained President Trump's absentee ballot application, which was signed by Trump but had the wrong birthdate — July 14, 1946, rather than June 14, 1946 — written on it. It is not clear whether Trump's ballot was counted after the error was discovered.

A spokeswoman for New York's Board of Elections did not return BuzzFeed News' requests for comment.

The Trump family's votes would have done little to change the election outcome in New York, however. Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Democratic incumbent, won the Nov. 7 race with 66% of the vote.

The absentee ballot applications for both the president and his wife appear to have been prepared by Devyn Harper, who is listed on a LinkedIn profile as the human relations and operations assistant for Trump's presidential campaign.

Neither the Trump campaign nor the White House immediately responded to a request for comment.

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