Here's Why Sasha Was Absent During President Obama's Farewell Address

High school plays no favorites, apparently, even when you're the president's daughter.

President Obama gave his farewell address Tuesday night in Chicago and thanked his wife and two daughters for their love and support during their time in the White House.

But when the cameras cut away to the first family, there was someone prominently missing.

Seriously, guys, where's Sasha?

The whereabouts of the Obamas' youngest became a public inquiry especially after the president pointed out both of his daughters during the speech.

People wanted answers.

Is anyone looking for her?

Ok soo Liam Neeson looking for Sasha or nah #WheresSasha

Should we be looking for her?

Us trying to figure out where Sasha was: #ObamaFarewell

Turns out that even when you're the president's kid, there are some responsibilities you can't escape.

According to a White House official, Sasha had to stay behind in DC because it was a school night.

It might have been her father's farewell address as president, but she had an exam Wednesday morning.

Where was Sasha? WH Official says she stayed back in DC tonight because she has an exam at school tomorrow morning.

Good luck with that test, Sasha.

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