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Grooveshark Co-Founder Found Dead In Florida Home

Police said they have found no signs of foul play or suicide in the death of 28-year-old Josh Greenberg.

Posted on July 20, 2015, at 6:25 p.m. ET

Josh Greenberg, the 28-year-old co-founder of the now shuttered music streaming service Grooveshark, was found dead in his Gainesville, Florida, home, police officials said.

Gainesville Police said there was no evidence of foul play or suicide in his death.

Josh Greenberg, co-founder of #Grooveshark was found dead in his Gainesville home Sunday evening. No evidence of foul play or suicide.

His mother, Lori, told The Gainesville Sun her son was healthy and had no known medical conditions.

Greenberg was found in his bed Sunday evening by his girlfriend, who he lived with, according to the paper.

A toxicology report, which could take weeks, is expected to be conducted as part of the autopsy.

Greenberg was just 19 in 2006 when he helped start Grooveshark, a service that at one point claimed up to 40 million users. The service, though, was shut down in April after losing a series of suits against major record companies, such as Sony, Universal, and Warner Music.

When it shut down, Grooveshark posted a message apologizing to its users, stating they "made very serious mistakes."

"We failed to secure licenses from rights holders fro the vast amount of music on the service," the statement said.

Greenberg's mother also told The Gainesville Sun that he was relieved, not depressed, when the settlement was reached.

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