Another Democratic Committee Has Been Hacked

The cyber intrusion into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is the second recent hacking investigation launched by the FBI into Democratic Party organizations.

The FBI is investigating a hack at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a second cyber intrusion on the party following an embarrassing attack on the Democratic National Committee, the Associated Press and Reuters reported.

"The DCCC can confirm that we have been the target of a cybersecurity incident," DCCC National Press Secretary Meredith Kelly confirmed to BuzzFeed News on Friday.

"Upon discovering the issue, we immediately took action and engaged with CrowdStrike, a leading forensic investigator, to assist us in addressing this incident," she said, adding that the investigation was ongoing.

The cyber attack on the party's Congressional campaign arm comes after Wikileaks published more than 19,000 emails from the DNC, some of which showed staffers criticizing the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

The emails were released days before the Democratic National Convention, sparking an FBI investigation and leading to the resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

According to the Reuters report, the intrusion at the DCCC started sometime in June. A Democratic aide confirmed party leadership had been informed of the investigation, the Associated Press reported.

Officials at the FBI did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News inquiries.

Reuters reported a fake website with a domain name similar to that of the DCCC was created, and apparently collected donation information that was meant for the DCCC. The site used an internet protocol address similar to one set up by hackers linked to the Russian government.

Cybersecurity experts and US officials have suggested Russia might be behind the DNC cyber attack, but on Thursday, the Director of the National Intelligence said he was not ready to say for certain who was behind the hack.

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