Deputies Injured During Funeral Procession For Orlando Shooting Victim

Two motorcycle deputies were escorting a funeral procession when they were hit by a driver Saturday morning.

Funeral procession for Pulse victim interrupted by crash. Family & friends were headed to burial. @news965wdbo

Two Florida motorcycle deputies were injured in a crash while escorting a funeral procession Saturday for one of the victims in the Orlando massacre.

The Osceola County sheriff's deputies were headed from a church to the burial site when a driver hit the two deputies, officials told BuzzFeed News.

According to a crash report from the Florida Highway Patrol, which is investigating the crash, the procession was passing through when a woman at an intersection told officers she thought someone had waived her through.

The woman hit one of the deputies head-on, according to the report, the other deputy then hit the back of her vehicle.

Closer look @ the crash. Impatient driver plows through funeral procession, hitting 2 deputies on motorcycles.

The woman was ticketed for failure to yield, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Osceola County sheriff's officials told BuzzFeed News both deputies were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated. One of the deputies was reportedly in critical condition. The other was in stable condition.

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