A Man Tried To Impress His Date By Jumping Across Buildings But Got Stuck Instead

Because love.

A Pittsburgh man got stuck between the walls of two buildings early Monday morning when he tried, and failed, to jump from one to next.

Aprx 2 a.m. called to 3700 block Forbes man trapped between buildings. Working to free him. @PghEMS @PittPolice

The daring leap, city officials said, was all to impress a date. Instead, he fell between the two buildings and got lodged between their walls.

Man jumped from one roof to next to impress date @PittPolice helpful in keeping him calm while rescue underway

Firefighters had to cut through the walls to reach the man, who was stuck for several hours. Meanwhile, police officers tried to keep him calm.


Public works employees eventually had to bring in heavy equipment to break through the thick walls.

Public Works has arrived with heavier equipment to break through the thick walls @PghEMS #teamwork

They cut through brick inside one of the buildings to rescue the man, who was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for unknown injuries.


But the question everyone wants to know...

@PghPublicSafety @PittPolice Sir wants ya know: Did da guy get da girl???


That is something that we do not know @MetronomeDaBig @PittPolice

Pittsburgh Public Safety Department did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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