Evacuations Lifted After Brush Fire Near Los Angeles Forced Thousands To Flee

Several firefighters were hurt battling the more than 500-acre fire in the city of Calabasas. The smoke draped a thick, dark cloud over the sky across parts of the county.

A fire burning near homes in upscale Calabasas, California, forced 5,000 people to evacuate and blanketed smoke across Los Angeles County amid a sweltering heat wave, officials said.

2 of the helicopters working the #OldFire are Firehawks capable of up to 1000 gallons per drop (📷@L2_Digital)

The fire scorched at least 516 acres, destroyed a business, and damaged one home, Los Angeles County Fire Department officials said. By 6 p.m. Sunday, evacuations were expected to be lifted.

Structure at headwaters corner burning. #OldFire #calabasas

More than 400 firefighters worked to fight the blaze from the ground, and helicopters made water drops, Capt. Roland Sprewell told BuzzFeed News.

About 3,000 homes were at one point threatened by the flames, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said. The fire began after a pickup truck struck a power pole on the Mulholland Highway.

By Sunday evening, the fire was 80% contained. Three firefighters sustained minor injuries earlier in the day working in rugged terrain.

Smoke is getting thicker & darker, not looking great. Several helis flying around, and one small plane. #Calabasas

Over the course of Saturday, mild winds spread smoke from the brush fire for miles across north Los Angeles.

Smoke from the Calabasas fire is creeping through West Hollywood. #OldFire

Smoke plume from wildfire threatening homes in Calabasas seen on weather radar

Smoke from Calabasas fire visible at Rose Bowl #MyDayInLA

The fire burned in Calabasas, a city home to a slew of celebrities about 10 miles from the coast. The smoke grew thick as far as Studio City, West Hollywood, Glendale, and downtown LA, some 30 miles away.

The view from my kitchen at 7 pm vs. 7:30 pm in Studio City of #CalabasasFire (15-20 miles away)

Smoke from the Calabasas fire as seen in North Hollywood.

Smoke and Ash in #LA and #Hollywood from the fires in #Calabasas

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