Blue Light Flashed In The Sky Above New York And Freaked Everyone Out

Authorities said the blue flash was the result of an explosion at a power plant in Astoria, Queens.

The sky above New York lit up blue Thursday night, causing widespread anxiety and fear on social media.

Why is the sky over #NYC #NewYorkCity #Manhattan #Brox #Queens Teal Blue?!!!! #EdgewaterNJ

Energy provider Con Edison said it was working with the New York Fire Department to respond to a substation fire at the power plant in Astoria, Queens. The fire involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area, the utility added.

An ensuing power outage temporarily closed LaGuardia Airport and grounded planes. Around 10:30 p.m. ET, the New York Port Authority said power had been mostly restored to LaGuardia, but that departing flights were being held up.

There appeared to be no injuries, fire officials said.

Videos posted on social media, meanwhile, captured the aftermath of an explosion at the plant.

The power plant by my house in Astoria exploded a little.

The transformer explosion in Astoria was... right outside my window. So bright I couldn’t look directly at it.

Of course, during the initial lack of explanation for the blue light, Twitter came through with theories.

Allegedly it’s a fire at a ConEd in Astoria, buuuuuut...

The Aliens are here & i know they real ass Aliens cuz they stopped in Astoria soon as they touched down….

Me when I found out the blue sky in New York City was due to a power plant and not aliens

The sky in NYC looks like Thanos just came down to Earth and got the Soul Stone.

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