Thousands Of Bees Accidentally Released In Walmart Parking Lot Send 3 To Hospital

The bees were accidentally released from a hive as someone was selling them in the parking lot, authorities said.

3 taken to hospital after being stung by bees outside metro Walmart

Three people were hospitalized Saturday after they were stung by a swarm of thousands of bees in the parking lot of a Walmart in Oklahoma, officials said.

Firefighters closed down the Walmart in Oklahoma City as a beekeeper was called to get the area under control.

Oklahoma City Fire Department officials said in a statement someone was selling a beehive and decided to meet the other party in the parking lot of the Walmart Saturday morning.

Someone then accidentally released the bees from the hive, which then began to sting people in the lot. Firefighters asked for two paramedic units and a beekeeper to the scene.

The store and its parking lot had to be evacuated because of the swarm.

The condition of the three patients was not immediately known.

Fire officials did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News request for comment.

A firefighter was also stung once at the scene, but did not need medical attention, officials said.

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