An Astronaut Spent 328 Days In Space And Then Posted A Video Of Her Reunion With Her Dog

What's 328 days in dog years?

NASA astronaut Christina Koch spent 328 days in outer space — the longest spaceflight ever by a woman — and one of the first things she did after her return to Earth was reunite with her very good dog.

And who could blame her? If 328 days in space seems like a long time, just think of how long that is in dog years.

On Thursday, Koch posted on her Instagram the moment she reunited with her dog, LBD.

And, well, just see for yourself. 😭😭

Koch told KPRC 2 in Houston that one of the first things she did when she got back home was reunite with her pup, which is totally understandable.

In the video, LBD seems to have gotten a hint that Koch was on her way home, because she's posted at the door, tapping the glass with her front paws, and ready for her to come in.

Just look at the movement on that tail:

Koch looks super excited to see her furry friend as well, and she gets down on the floor to try to hold the super-excited pup.

But LBD looks like she's beside herself — she can't stop barking, jumping, or licking Koch's face from the excitement.

Not only does Koch now hold the record for the longest space mission by a woman, but she is also one of two women, along with astronaut Jessica Meir, to have made the first all-women spacewalk at the International Space Station on Oct. 18.

Koch first launched into outer space on March 14, 2019, making her record-setting mission the second-longest spaceflight in NASA history.

During her time at the International Space Station, she conducted six spacewalks and spent more than 42 hours outside of the station.

Her crew conducted hundreds of experiments in space, according to NASA, which focused on biology, technology development, and the search for evidence of dark matter.

She returned to Earth last week on Thursday, landing in Kazakhstan, and LBD looks pretty happy to have her home.

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