I’m Sorry If You Were Flying Friday, Because Computers Went Down At Airports Across The Country

Computer systems for customs went down nationwide, causing some huge lines.

The line for passport control at @Dulles_Airport due to @CBP computer outage

As if the normal frustrations of travel weren’t enough, an outage at customs caused insanely huge lines at airports across the country Friday.

The disruption lasted about an hour, but travelers all over the country were affected by the nationwide outage, officials said.

US Customs and Border Protection officers resorted to “alternative procedures” until systems came back up, which meant many travelers had to be processed manually.

Of course, that meant that everything slowed down to a crawl, creating some huge lines at airports in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, and Dallas.

I mean, just look at this:

Stuck @ Pearson airport. Apparently ⁦@CBP⁩ -US security computer system is down for visitors entering US.

Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX, tweeted that systems were slowly getting back to normal by 3 p.m. and that there had been “no significant impacts to flights” because of it.

A spokesperson for CBP said systems were being restored by 3 p.m. as well.

“There is no indication the disruption was malicious in nature at this time,” he said.

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