A Man Was Stabbed At A Haunted House After Another Man Handed His Friend A Knife

The friends thought it was part of an act when a thin man wearing makeup walked up to them, handed one of them a knife, and said, "Well, here, stab him."

It was supposed to be a fun outing to a haunted house with friends until a man, believed to be one of the house's actors — a thin man with a skull face — walked up to them and handed one of them a knife.

The group of friends at the Nashville haunted house last Friday night decided to play along, so when the thin figure with a straw hat asked one of the women if one of her friends was "fucking around with her," she said yes.

"Well, here, stab him," he said, handing her a knife, according to the police report obtained by BuzzFeed News.

The 29-year-old woman took the knife, which she thought was fake, and plunged it into her friend's left arm.

"As she pulled back she realized that there was blood on the knife," the report states. "There was a hole in the victim's shirt and blood was squirting from the victim's left arm."

Her friend, 29-year-old James Yochim, was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries.

The incident occurred Friday at the annual Nashville Nightmare, a large, elaborate, interactive haunted house attraction complete with live actors and special effects.

According to the police report, the group of friends who attended the attraction Friday night thought that the entire interaction with the thin man was all part of the show.

"Keep in mind, we'd been chased by chainsaws, holding other weapons, all kinds of stuff all night and it was all fake," Yochim told the Tennessean. "So she stabs at me with it, and everything got really black."

One of the witnesses, a friend who was with Yochim at the time of the incident, told police he saw the entire thing unfold.

He told police that when blood began to spurt out of Yochim's arm, he heard the man who had given their friend the knife say he did not realize the weapon was that sharp.

In a statement, the company that runs the haunted house, Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, said an employee has been identified as being involved in the incident and has been placed on leave. The company said they had not been contacted by police.

"We are going over all of our safety protocols with all of our staff again, as the safety and security of all of our patrons is always our main concern," the company told the Tennessean.

According to the police report, the suspect in skull makeup has not been identified.

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